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Cisco 675 DSL & LAN Configurations

My current configuration consists of a desktop computer with two nics which one is configured for the Cisco 675 router which uses random IP address through my Internet Provider Qwest. The other nic is used for my LAN or local area network to my other computers which are servers. I am using Windows NT SP6a and Windows 2000 Advanced Server and I have a 5-Port LinkSys hub. The problem is that the Lan connection is very slow and my understanding is that I am not suppose to have a mult-homed computer system. That means two nic cards in the same box. What product should I use from Cisco to allow me to configure this type of enviornment or what upgrade to the Cisco 675 router could I use. If you need any further information please feel free to contact me at <A HREF="mailto:<A HREF=""></A>"><A HREF=""></A></A>

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Re: Cisco 675 DSL & LAN Configurations

Depending on the horsepower of your multi-homed server, this should pose no significant problem. You may want to look at the 800 series, specifically the 827. This would allow you to NAT to your entire internal network and provide the functionality to bypass your server altogether.

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