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Cisco 678 and multiple VPN connections

I am trying to connect multiple workstations to an outside VPN server through the Cisco 678 DSL router, but only one at a time can connect. I know for a fact that it is not the server they are trying to connect to that is causing the problem, and the only other piece of hardware besides the workstations themselves is just an 8-port Linksys 10/100 hub which is connected to the 678. The workstations are all running the same vpn-client software (built-in VPN client in Windows XP Pro). When we had these workstations in our office setting them up (which we have a Cayman DSL router), they all connected at the same time just fine, but now at the customer site (in another state) this is happening.

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Re: Cisco 678 and multiple VPN connections

If the 678 is running Port Translation, only one device will be able to connect at a time. You’ll either need multiple IP addresses from your service provider or a VPN concentrator that supports NAT transparency mode.

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