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Cisco 678 to work with Verizon DSL? how?

I just ordered Verizon DSL service at my home. The equipment (Westell DSL Modem) has arrived but the DSL service activation date is not yet reached.

I intend to set up a local LAN which use only one DSL connection.

I used to have Qwest DSL service back in Arizona but now I am in New York. I am wondering if the former Cisco 678 DSL Modem/Router, which I used in Arizona, will work with Verizon DSL. Verizon gave me a new modem (Westell modem), but it does not function as a router as the Cisco one does. So I decided to continue to use the Cisco 678 as a router, and use the Westell Modem as the modem. This way I have to connect the Westell Modem to the Cisco 678, but it seems the Cisco 678 has no jack to accept the incoming RJ-45 cable.

So I am thinking using the Cisco 678 on Verizon DSL service. Will it work?

If it does not work, and if I use the Cisco 678 solely as a router, and the Westell modem solely as a modem, how do I connect both of them directly to the Hub/Switch? I have an N-Way 8-port hub, but it has only one uplink port.

By the way, can I leave the Westell Modem and the Qwest Modem on now, connected to phone lines, so when the service is activated I will know from the LED lights?



Re: Cisco 678 to work with Verizon DSL? how?

You won’t want to use both of them together, as you only have one circuit set up to your DSLAM. The best thing you can do is get on the phone with Verizon and get your VPI/VCI from them, and find out what encapsulation they are using. Compare that with the online documentation of the 678.

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