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Cisco 801 changing IOS

Hi all,

Does anyone know of any issue's with replacing the ios on one of these routers while in boot#

I have followed

but the router appears to rename the file c800-y6-mw.122-13a.bin to c800-y6-mw when it copies it. I thought it might be the full stop but I get the same results if I rename the file to c800-y6-mw-122-13a-bin

Any idea's?

thanks for your time.


New Member

Re: Cisco 801 changing IOS

set baud =9600

set data-bits =8

set parity =none

set stop-bits =1

set console-flags =0

set mac-address =0002.16C9.AC9F

set unit-ip =

set serv-ip =

set netmask =

set gate-ip =

set pkt-timeout =4

set tftp-timeout =16

set boot-action =none

set file-name ="c800-y6-mw.122-13a.bin"

set watchdog =off

set prompt ="boot"

set ios-conf =0x2102

boot# save

save: succeeded (0 seconds).

boot# upload tftp

TFTP initiated.

Build [kellythw 13a] -- Sun Feb 2 15:20:44 PST 2003

File name: c800-y6-mw

RAM size: 0x0079f990 (7993744)

Raw size: 0x007907c8 (7931848)

Image size: 0x0037176c (3610476)



Re: Cisco 801 changing IOS

Here's a way round it assuming your flash is empty save for TinyRom

Follow the steps you have taken to now.

Once the tftp is complete type save file

Then set file-name=c800-y6-mw

save again and boot.

This should get you up into IOS.

From here delete flash:c800-y6-mw, check you have [ ] around file in sh flash

squeeze flash

copy tftp flash using the correct filename ie c800-y6-mw.122-13a.bin

Once that is there reboot and break into boot#, type erase, set file-name=c800-y6-mw.122-13a.bin and save again.

Powercycle and all should be OK!

New Member

Re: Cisco 801 changing IOS


thanks for the reply. I can't delete the c800-y6-mw file if its running it.

however - It seems I didn't read the paper properly and I missed the = sign for saving the file after its copied - it now works!

thanks for getting me there.

does anyone know why the tftp shows the "wrong" name though? is it by design?



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