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Cisco 801 router will not automatically Hang-Up ISDN line

Is there someone who can tell me which configuration setting I must change in the configuration file of the router, so that the ISDN line automatically Hangs-up after 3 or 5 minutes. The software setup off the router is very easy, but there's no option for hang-up after several minutes. There's only an option that you can use one or two -lines in one time. Hope someone can help me.

Thank's for reading.


Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco 801 router will not automatically Hang-Up ISDN line

You can configure the router 801 to disconnect the isdn line once the line is idle for configurable amount of time. Means if no interesting traffic is passing for some time, the line will be disconnected after.

We call it a "idle-timeout". So in your case youneed to enter following command under the isdn line (interface bri x" or interface dialer x)

dialer-group 1

dialer idle-timeout 180 (in sec which is 3 min)

In global config, enter

dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit

Above config will disconnect the isdn line automatically if no ip traffic is being passed on the line for 3mins.

Here is the url which is talking the same what you are trying to achive.

Community Member

Re: Cisco 801 router will not automatically Hang-Up ISDN line

I have entered the idle-timeout in the configuration file, but the orange (red) light at the router is still on at channel one or two. It will not disconnect after 1 or 3 minutes. By the way,I have configured the dhcp option for the pc's at the router, maybe he is pinging to the internet..Tomorrow I will try the inbound setting, maybe this will help. Thanks for your reply.

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