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Cisco 801 / Symbol access point / Symbol CE client / DHCP


We have a rather strange problem with a mix of Cisco and Symbol equipment..

- Cisco 801 router running IOS 12.0(4)T. I've configured a DHCP-server on

this router.

- Symbol 4121 access point connected to the 801 through a hub

- Some wireless Symbol PDT7200 CE clients with WiFi. They should get their

IP addresses through DHCP.

Only basic setup has been done (ip addressing, SSID's, etc). No encryption

setup or access control is done yet, so the configuration is simple and

straight forward at this time. It all is tested through my laptop and works

fine including DHCP.

BUT: The Symbol Windows CE clients should get an IP address from the

Cisco-embedded DHCP server normally. Unfortunately, they don't.

What is seen from debugging the Cisco router's DHCP events, is that a DHCP

request is actually sent from the CE client and is received at the router,

and that the router assignes DHCP IP address to the mac address that

requested the address, and sends a reply back over the ethernet. BUT, the

client does not receive the IP address from the DHCP server. Strange!

When I just try the Intel 2011B WiFi card in my laptop using the same SSID,

it works the way it should. The router receives the DHCP request and answers

with the assignment of an IP address, which is received by my laptop.

Upgrading the Cisco from 12.0(4)T to 12.1(8a) resolves the issue. But with a

roll-out to come of more than 800 sites with more than half of them running

12.0(4)T, upgrading them all is not really a thing I'm waiting for.

Is there a known issue of incompatibility, timing, firmware version

differences or any other issues that might prevent the CE clients from

getting their IP addresses from the Cisco 801?

Websites from Cisco nor Symbol have given me an answer yet.



Re: Cisco 801 / Symbol access point / Symbol CE client / DHCP

I have had a similar experience. There is obviously something that is not in order with the way 12.0 code for the 800 routers handles DHCP. In my case there were no wireless nodes involved and the single laptop that was attached used an on-board LAN interface. The problem was solved with an IOS upgrade (to 12.1) without further changes to the config or whatsoever.

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