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Cisco 870 series router

There is a new office being prepared that will house about 15 users and some servers. We're looking at different options for data and phone services, one of them includes Comcast broadband. They will need wireless capability, a firewall, and a site to site tunnel to the coporate office. Cisco has a bunch of hardware to do this, which frankly makes it a little confusing when trying to decide which product to choose. I did come across the 870 series router

and noticed they mention it's capable of 10 tunnels, but I'm not sure if that means 10 remote access tunnels, or 10 site to site tunnels. Does anyone know for sure?

Also, does anyone recommend another hardware solution that might fit here better? A PIX ASA seems like a good fit too, without the wireless capablitiy though. Of course I could throw a Linksys in there somewhere. I would have one 48 port switch uplinked to either a PIX or a router and then to the Internet.


Re: Cisco 870 series router

What I think if you refer to the "VPN Tunnels" under security, what I think it is combined with the VPN user and site-to-site VPN and the total is 10 tunnels.

For remaining question, I recommend to check it w/ your Cisco provider, because they can unerstand your requirement in detail and propose the most suitable solution to you.

If you have budget and there may be growth in this office in future. Better to consider a higher model, due to 870 recommended to support 20 users only. Otherwise, I think it is fine to use it as a SOHO router.

Hope this helps.

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