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New Member

Cisco agianst Foundry

Hi Guys!

I´m looking for arguments against Foundry/HP switches. I know that for examample cisco implementation for multicasting is much more better then from Foundry. But you have some details or some other facts ....

Did someone work with switches from Foundry? What was the experience?




Re: Cisco agianst Foundry

I've worked a little with Foundry. It's a good solid switch, and it programs up with 99% Cisco syntax.

To be honest about it, Cisco rarely wins any kind of "bake-off" when it comes to performance, and in some cases, features. Trying to sell against some of Cisco's competitors purely on performance or features will fail more often than not.

Cisco is a good solid product, performance is excellent, and the feature set is well beyond sufficient ("feature rich" if you'll pardon the marketing). What sets Cisco aside from most of their competitors is that it is an "old" company, it has a huge support organization (which is usually technically superior), it has an excellent track record for staying with a customer-in-crisis and (at the very least), "holding their hand" and with an occasional exception, quickly resolving the issue.

They are (for most organizations) a "one-stop shopping" supplier. Their product suite is the broadest in the buisness.

There are many reasons why Cisco is a good choice, performance is a ways down the list, especially for a business. The performance is very good, but "The Company," "The Support," and 'The Solution Base" are generally more important than raw numbers.

Foundry is also an excellent company, the product is excellent, I like 'em (I can say the same for Extreme and some other similar organizations).

I worked in an Interoperability Lab for years, we frequently did performance testing of one vendor vs another.

In short: there's more to a product than price and raw numbers, using only those parameters, Cisco would lose most of the time.

Perhaps other posters will have a different perspective, all of the above represents my personal experience and viewpoint (of ~20 years in the PC/Networking business).


New Member

Re: Cisco agianst Foundry

I think you'll find (as posted already) that the IOS in both vendors products is very similar. I currently work on both products and find that they work well together as well as independently. I think the question you should ask yourself is what am I trying to accomplish. From there you should call a sales rep from each vendor and let THEM convince you why you shoud use their product. (keeping in mind product capabilities as well as price)

In my opinion ... if you need a routing solution .. go with cisco ... if you need a layer 2 solution with possible layer 3 capabilities .... I'de go with a layer 3 switch from foundry. Again .. it all depends on what your trying to accomplish. Hope this helps. Good luck.

ps .. I know a sales/technical rep from both vendors and can refer you to either or both.


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