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New Member

Cisco AS5300 Problem

i have cisco as5300 and modems, when i connect internet with dial-up and pinging my gateway there are some "request times out"-s, what's problem ?


Re: Cisco AS5300 Problem

Can you please explain the problem little more in detail....

Is the as5300 used for dialin (and then connected to the internet) or used to dialout to an ISP for internet access? From where to where are you trying to ping?

Try the ping by increasing the timeout to say 5 seconds.

Thanks, Mak.

New Member

Re: Cisco AS5300 Problem


i have cisco as5300, internet line and modems in cisco, i also have configured dial in and when i call to my cisco's dial up numbers and connect to it, there are ping request time outs when i am pinging my gw or for example

what's is my problem ?


Re: Cisco AS5300 Problem

1) Do we miss all the pings every time or miss a few ping packets?

2) If we miss all the ping packets, then, on the as5300:

"sh user" & see if we negotiate an ip address, try pinging the user ip address from the as5300.

sh ip route x.x.x.x on the as5300.

3)If we miss intermittent packets, do we see any speedshifts or retrains on the modems...."deb modem" "deb modem csm" will indicate the same.

"sh modem op x/y" for the connected call will be useful.

What is the IOS image & the MICA portware in use?

Thanks, Mak.

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