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Cisco campus network with 1 Nortel Core RTR

I have a standard Campus network design running RIPv2 with 5 Access Layer 6509's running HSRP to 2 Distributions 6509's with MSFC2's. The 2 DS's each have a single link to a Nortel Passport 5430 which goes to the ATM. The Passport is used primarily for file transfer to the branch offices. A majority of the traffic stays within the LAN. My question is if 1 of the links to the Passport breaks. How can I configure the DS on that link tell the Access Layer switches to redirect all traffic destined for the Passport to redirect to the other DS? I would still want the DS with the Passport link dropped to perform local Layer 3 switching. Thanks for the help...

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Re: Cisco campus network with 1 Nortel Core RTR

You should be able to run VRRP on the Passport 5430s. Provided that both connections from the passports are on the same VLAN on the Distribution 6509s, and there is some kind of connection between the two Distribution 5609s.

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