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Cisco Cat 500 Express deficiency

I have heared complaints about the Cisco Cat 500 switch.

When using the Cat 500 with AP1200 and 7920 IP phones, the phones do not roam from AP to AP.

Also I have found out that the Cat 500 will not relay dhcp request to a server on a seperate vlan from it's configured ip address.

With CLI switches, the "ip helper-address under the vlan will acheive this. With the Cat 500, how do u acheive directed broadcast.

Looks like this switch is not very good. The smartports do not work very well, you will find that choosing "other" as a smartport fixes most connectivity issues.

Cisco your comments?


Re: Cisco Cat 500 Express deficiency

I don't think there is any switch as cat 500 supported by cisco.Can you ensure with the switch model?.I have heard only pix firewall box is available with the model name 500.So, can you ensure and let me know regarding the correct switch model name?.

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Re: Cisco Cat 500 Express deficiency

the Cat 500 Express is the new 'SME' switch, and I'm afraid the old 'you get what you pay for' adage applies...

Look under products

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Re: Cisco Cat 500 Express deficiency

The Cat 500 Express is a Layer 2 switch - like the older model switches, it has a single SVI which is in one VLAN.

If you have more than one VLAN, then you will probably have a device that routes between them (this won't be a Cat 500 - it would be a Cat 3xxx layer three switch or a router most likely) and this device would be what provides Ip-helper functionality...



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