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Cisco CE500 problem

I would appreciate if someone could give me a help regarding Cisco switches.

I have one Cisco Catalyst Express 500 switch with this configuration:

- 9 IP phones + desktops on Cisco-Voice VLAN (smart port setting "IP Phone + Desktop)

- 10 Desktops connected to Vlan-1 VLAN (smart port setting "Desktop")

- 2 Server (Linux) connected to Vlan-1 VLAN (smart port setting "Server - Standard")

- Cisco 871 Router on Vlan-1 VLAN (smart port setting "Router)

The problem I have is that switch regularly stops responding to web interface (or get very slow). Also clients loose connection to server (its role is also a DHCP server and cannot get IP address upon reconnection).

Also switch shows error on port of server that "Access denied to one or more connecting devices on this port" and "Maximum allowed devices on this port are already connected..."

How can i resolve this issue ?

Would appreciate any help or advice.


Re: Cisco CE500 problem

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Re: Cisco CE500 problem

I already did this. Switch is responding normaly now and error with blocking the ports is still unresolved. Howerev I followed advice from regarding port being blocked

Now server port is set as "Access-point" and the problem is gone...

However i do not understand why server is getting its port blocked if the port is set to server (i assumed that it's being blocked becoase too many physical devices are connected to that port)

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