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i apologise if this is not the right forum...

i am up against 3com in a deal for a customer who is planning on upgrading his Corebuilders. I am bidding Cat4500/Cat6500 and 3com is bidding their XRN technology. I dont know much about XRN but the customer seems impressed. Does anyone have any pointers or competitive documents/presentations against this




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How about that XRN is completely proprietary to 3Com and will work with nothing else. Most customer's like vendors that do standards based protocols so as not to shoe them into an isolated space. Also I've heard many scaling issues with XRN... very flakey...

Here's a doc on XRN so you know what it is..

Also there is nothing in the market that can touch the performance and feature set of the Catalyst series switches... and the support (cisco's) is world class and nobody can touch that with a 100' pole.

The only good place for a 3com switch is at the bottom of the ocean... thats my opinion soley.. ;)

Hope this helps you,


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Re: Cisco Competitive

This is somewhat cheesey, but from a sales perspective its true (with some fluff) and it has worked for me on several occasions.

"A lot of technologies in the early stages go away. 4 years from now, after XRN has gone through versons 1-99. you may find yourself thinking your network is a 3com testing ground rather than the pulse of your business.

With Cisco it will just work, from day 1 to year 10. You can buy a book on how to configure your Cisco equipment at any bookstore. Not to mention find Certified people to service it. See if you can find an XRN tech today not to mention 2 years from now.

As technology gets better Cisco keeps up with that by IOS upgrades, they have done it in the past and they will continue."

........Anyway, you get the idea. If you can't sell the technology sell the company granted thats not really a presentation, although its not too hard to sell a CIO on that premise. Thats not an insult, but most CIO's are smart enough to know its a pretty tight job market out there to gamble money on an untested technology.

Not sure if Cisco has a sales newsgroup but they should.

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Nortel Passports offer Split MLT which is similar to the Distributed Link Aggreation on the 3Com XRN tech. DLA and Cisco both use 802.3ad (I believe Nortel SMLT does to) and cisco supports that now to in newer versions. I haven't worked with this new 3Com technology yet but have worked w/Nortel and don't have problems with Nortel passports. Each product has it's pros and cons.

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