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Cisco COS upgrade problem

During an upgrade of a COS the standby sup engine is not coming up.

The active Sup comes up as expected. How can I get the the secondary to sync? During boot on the active it says "Module 2 is found but not in standby"

When I go to the console on the secondary it is romon. We had to delete the

old file from flash so when you do a dir bootflash: it shows the old file. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Cisco COS upgrade problem

If the Sup lets you to boot from, boot it from the old image. What kind of switch is it? Does it have a PCMCIA slot? If it does, and you have a flash card, try booting from flash card using the same version as in active Sup

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Re: Cisco COS upgrade problem

Thank you for your reply. Off the top off your head what do you know the syntax to copy tftp -> slot0? Once I get the new version on the switch will the switch automatically sync?

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Re: Cisco COS upgrade problem

Since you already have one Supervisor up, you must be having a valid file in the device bootflash. Port it to the flash card using "copy bootflash: slot0:"


Switch> (enable) copy bootflash:cat6000-sup2.6-3-10.bin slot0:

18889712 bytes available on device slot0, proceed (y/n) [n]? y


File has been copied successfully.

Using this flash card, boot the other supervisor which is in rommon

rommon1>boot slot0:cat6000-sup2.6-3-10.bin

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