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cisco IOS corrupt

hello Guys,

l have cisco Access Server 2509, was working and then l think the ios is corrupt.if l connect to my pc l get the image l have attach. can somebody help, how to re-installed the IOS again


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There's no image attached to

There's no image attached to your original post. Please try again.

Generally, if you have a console cable, attaching to the router during a reload will show you the problem with an image not booting.

It's very very rare for a working IOS image to become corrupt.

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hello mr. Marvin,l have

hello mr. Marvin,

l have attach the rollover console from the access server to my PC,am using tera terms and all you see is this scrabble letters.l cannot get into seeing normal letter so that l will be able to re-installed the IOS again.

thanks in advance


This is typical of a baud

This is typical of a baud rate difference between your term and the router.


What setting do you have for the baud rate, typically it's 9600?

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thanks you all,the setting

thanks you all,

the setting are the same.l have attach a photo of the setting on hyper-terminal, and the result is the same scrabble puzzle letters.

l am using a rollover cable RJ45 to usb 2.0.l try this same setting on my switches and l get the same puzzle letters. you are right but the problem is l use the same setting. l then try to change the settings but some of the setting does not work at all and other just give me the same result.s


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hellol try the same setting


l try the same setting using teraterms and l got the same puzzle letters on all the other switches, all the settings are correct and please  do you think there is something else. l will buy other cable to see if it has something to do with that. 

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Could the console cable

Could the console cable possibly be plugged into the wrong port? I don't mean to doubt you but sometimes these are in places where it's hard or impossible to see the physical location you've plugged into.

Console is adjacent to the almost identical Aux port on those models.

See Figure 3 here:

New Member

hello Marvinthanks once again

hello Marvin

thanks once again. l think my cable USB to DB9 is not working well. l plug it into the my switch console port to the PC USB port and it did not work. l think something is not working with the cable. with the switches, l can use a straight through cable from any port to my PC and telnet and that works with both tera term and hyperterminal. it is possible for cable to be faulty just out of the blues. l have attach the photos of my connection and the cables.

thank you

New Member

hello Mr Marvinl am now able

hello Mr Marvin

l am now able to access and continue to configure my access server. the problem was a faulty rollover DB9 to USB cable that is corrupt.just receive it from ebay.

thank you any way for the advice

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I agree with NikiwaneMG - the

I agree with NikiwaneMG - the screenshot is most often observed when baud rate or other settings are incompatible with the console port. That has nothing to do with IOS corruption (or lack thereof).

Does the setup you are using work on any other Cisco router or switch?

It should ideally be a console cable to a serial port with settings 9600 bps, 8-n-1. A serial-USB converter can also be used with the same hardware settings emulated by the software device driver.

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