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Cisco ISDN Router

I think I have the 776 Installed at this site. The main question I have is this.. I have the router hard set to goto a particilar IP on the other side of the router.. Now I have a need to install a second router on site, this router will do a VPN tunnel to the same office, but access the windows2000 server instead of the sco unix. Now, my question is .. what would I have to do on the 776 to tell it any other traffic than the one IP that that router directs traffic to, be sent to the other router? I guess I'm trying to figure out what kind of routing table I would have to setup if they were looking for the internet .. goto the VPN router.. if they were looking for the whole IP range of the other office goto the VPN router..




Re: Cisco ISDN Router

Put a default route on 776 router pointing to the second router. All traffic going to internet, will be matched by default route and send to the second router. All specific to the other other office will be routed by 776. (for this you need either static routes or routing protocol between 776 and other office).

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