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Cisco Network Registrar

Presently we are using Cisco CNR in a cable environment. Kindly let us know whether it is possible to use Cisco CNR for authenticating PCs (similar to cable environment by using MAC Id of PC) in a non-cable environment (for eg., PCs connected on a Fibre Network).

In the Fibre network there is no Cable modem, but the PCs are primary and are communicating directly to the router. (There are media converters that converts the Optic signal to Ethernet and vice versa).

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Re: Cisco Network Registrar

You can do it, but it is an indirect method using client-class processing.

Simply put, you would associate a MAC address to a client-class. Based on the client-class, you are able to set policies that are then applied to the client.

When a request from an unknown device reaches CNR, it falls into the "default" client for client-class processing. You could set policy to send any information you wanted to this "unknown" client (different DNS servers, bogus gateway devices, lease expiration, etc.).

This process is useful for sending users to self-registration portals or "walled-garden" areas of the network.


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Re: Cisco Network Registrar

Yes. As Ron said you can create two client classes. One to allow legitimate customers and the other to disable non-customers. You need to collect all PC MAC addresses. Once you have all MAC addresses you have to associate each client MAC address with a client class.


If you don't intend to provide different COS, and if you don't intend to rotate IP addresses, you may simply create one scope and reserve the addresses for PCs and disable rest of the addresses in the scope.

Good luck


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