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Cisco PIX 501 & Linksys WRT54G

Need help with my network set up.

I have a Cisco PIX 501 connected to my Cable router and a Linksys wireless router WRT54G connected to my Cisco PIX 501. I have a server connected to the PIX and my workstations (wireless laptops) connect to the linksys.

Everything is able to hit the internet but I don’t have a connection between the server and laptops.

So my guess is that I have not configured the two routers to communicate properly.

There is a crossover cable between the routers and my PIX IP is and the linksys is

If you guy have any suggestion please send them my way.


Community Member

Re: Cisco PIX 501 & Linksys WRT54G

Ok, I figured out how to fix my problem.

The cable going from the Cisco to the Linksys needed to be plugged into one of the four basic ports, not the internet port.

I had it plugged into the Internet port, so the Linksys router acted as everything on the Cisco side of the network was external, hence the problem.

I also disabled the DHCP on the Linksys, the Linksys Router is basically acting as a wireless switch.

Just wanted to post this in case anyone out there came across the same problem.


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