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Cisco router DHCP registering with AD DNS

Hi All,

I would like to find out if there is some way our sattelite sites can register with Microsoft's AD integrated DNS services when the clients at this location use DHCP delivered by a Cisco 800 series router.

Is there some sort of helper address or similar command that we could add to the routers to assist with this (currently the workstations are in a single workgroup, but we are looking to rollout AD to them all).

If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate your feedback.




Re: Cisco router DHCP registering with AD DNS

use the 'ip name-server' command to have your router redirect dns requests to a NS server specified.

dns spoofing can also be used in this case to assist with isp link failures.

see this link for more info:

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Re: Cisco router DHCP registering with AD DNS

It sounds like your trying to utilize the DDNS Feature in AD, usually this is accomplished via DHCP dynamically creating forward and reverse look-up entries in DNS dynamically on a per lease basis.

If the DHCP server does not make this connection then the entries in the DNS Server will not be automatically created. To forward on DHCP request to a DHCP server you would want to impliment the DHCP Relay client ont he router (AKA "IP Helper"). This will allow you to forward dhcp request on to the specified DHCP Server and and normal DHCP and DDNS operations would take place.

Windows however has always had a feature that allows you to manually push the DNS registration from the client to the DNS server.

NIC Properties--> TCP/IP Properties --> Advanced --> DNS --> "Register this connections address in DNS"

This combined with seting the DNS Server Option in your DHCP Pool config ( ) You should have no problem with your AD DNS Services.

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