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Cisco switch WS-C4507R+E reload spontaneously

I have a switch WS-C4507R + E, ROM: 15.0 (1r) SG5

On Friday, there was a problem: switch reboots itself on its own.
The logs written that the team was given to restart the console.
Access to the switch is just me, changed the password.
Syslog writes that there are numerous loop in three VLANs:
112 - network of collaborators.
15 - TV network.
201 - network surveillance cameras.
Very strange, considering that the networks and TV cameras no one has ever connected and could not form a loop.
All three flounces DHCP and ip-helper is configured on the switch itself.
Two VLANs have their DHCP-server logs, and they do not refer to the error.
Please tell me, what do I do?

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Post the complete output to

Post the complete output to the following commands: 

1.  sh version; 

2.  dir bootflash:

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Cisco IOS Software, IOS-XE

NIS_45_1#sh  ver
Cisco IOS Software, IOS-XE Software, Catalyst 4500 L3 Switch Software (cat4500e-UNIVERSAL-M), Version 03.02.00.SG RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc4)
Technical Support:
Copyright (c) 1986-2011 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Tue 26-Apr-11 18:09 by prod_rel_team

Cisco IOS-XE software, Copyright (c) 2005-2010 by cisco Systems, Inc.
All rights reserved.  Certain components of Cisco IOS-XE software are
licensed under the GNU General Public License ("GPL") Version 2.0.  The
software code licensed under GPL Version 2.0 is free software that comes
with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  You can redistribute and/or modify such
GPL code under the terms of GPL Version 2.0.  For more details, see the
documentation or "License Notice" file accompanying the IOS-XE software,
or the applicable URL provided on the flyer accompanying the IOS-XE

Image text-base: 0x100A0994, data-base: 0x13CAB728

ROM: 15.0(1r)SG5
Jawa Revision 7, Snowtrooper Revision 0x0.0x116

NIS_45_1 uptime is 1 day, 19 hours, 40 minutes
Uptime for this control processor is 1 day, 19 hours, 42 minutes
System returned to ROM by power-on
System restarted at 15:09:01 Almaty Sat Oct 8 2016
Running default software

License Information for 'WS-X45-SUP7-E'
    License Level: ipbase   Type: Permanent
    Next reboot license Level: ipbase

cisco WS-C4507R+E (MPC8572) processor (revision 10) with 2097152K/20480K bytes of memory.
Processor board ID FOX1605GZPL
MPC8572 CPU at 1.5GHz, Supervisor 7
Last reset from PowerUp
13 Virtual Ethernet interfaces
60 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
8 Ten Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
511K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.

Configuration register is 0x2101

NIS_45_1#sh bootflash:
-#- --length-- ---------date/time--------- path
  1   86771191 May 17 2012 17:46:27 +00:00 cat4500e-universal.SPA.03.02.00.SG.150-2.SG.bin

692224000 bytes available (86953984 bytes used)

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System returned to ROM by

System returned to ROM by power-on

No crashinfo files.  

How many power supply/supplies are installed in this chassis and how are they powered up?  Raw power or UPS or both?

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Two power supplies, both

Two power supplies, both power - RAW and UPS.

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I don't envy your position

I don't envy your position now.  I've got two issues with this: 

1.  The Sup7E is currently running 3.2.0E.  This is the FIRST IOS to support the Sup7E and it's not only very, very old but there are probably a number of "silent crash" bugs.  

2.  Next, it's hard to determine if the UPS is working or not. 

These are the two culprits:  An IOS "silent crash" bugs (doesn't leave any crashlogs) or a power outage.  

Let's do the easy one first.  

1.  Look at the downstream switches and find out how long is the outage.  When a Sup7E would crash the outage would be about 5 to 6 minutes.  Let's say I'm an "evil" guy and put an extra 2 minutes.  That makes it 8 minutes.  Look at the downstream switches and see if the uplinks went down and then up in less than 8 minutes.  If the uplinks went down and up during that time frame, then a silent crash is the culprit. 

2.  This is tough thing to do to determine if the UPS is working or not.  Organize with your management and see if you can get an "outage window" to pull the power of the power supply being powered up by raw power.  The PS must NOT be switched off from the power switch of the PS but the mains.  Keep the power off for about 2 minutes.  If the chassis stays up during the time then the culprit points to a silent crash of the supervisor card. 

If it is indeed a silent crash, then it is going to be your job to talk to management and upgrade the IOS.  It is of utmost important to read the Release Notes of the IOS you will be upgrading to.  The 4500 chassis (and especially the Sup7E) is a different beast.  In some cases, one cannot just upgrade to an IOS without the Boot Strap (aka ROMmon) getting upgraded first.

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Can you please post the

Can you please post the complete output to the command "dir crashinfo:"?

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