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Cisco Visual Switch Manager???

Forgive my complete ignorance, but having just purchased a 2950 switch, and looking thro the documents, i cannot find the CVSM software anywhere. I purchased this switch for the reliability and manageability, which having looked i would prefer not to do through the IOS system which is probably too much for my low grade ability. I got confused when i tried to connect this switch into my network, and though i tested it standalone, connecting into another switch led to total not working and confusion on my part. Thanks for any help.

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Re: Cisco Visual Switch Manager???

Check what's the files you have in the flash. You can do a flash: to see the files. If you have a "html" file you are good. If not download a file with a .tar extension from CCO at

The following pages on CCO should help




Re: Cisco Visual Switch Manager???

CVMS is not a separate application, it's buil-in to the device code. The .tar file for the switch have this, the .bin is just the plain regular code without CVSM.

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Re: Cisco Visual Switch Manager???

so give your switch an IP address and an enable password, then enable HTTP (IOS commands)

now u can open your browser, type the IP address, u will be propted to give username & password. then a html page (text only) will be displayed. look for CVSM in the top. u will be directed to a graphical interface. some times u will need to download a plugin from

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