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Cisco Works 2000 LMS

I have a few questions about CiscoWorks 2000.

1.) Can the Compaq MIBs be integrated so the customer can do away with Insight Manager and manage the servers through CiscoWorks?

2.) Is there a way to generate reports such as most active switch port/vlan or port/switch utilization over a period of time like a day or year?

3.) Are there any plans for an Open View like topology map for DFM that will change colors to indicate faults?


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Re: Cisco Works 2000 LMS

Unfortunately, there is no way to compile non-Cisco mibs in CW2K but the good news is you can generate detailed port usage reports. You need to have the Capacity Planner add on for RTM. The switches also need to have mini-RMON enabled. RTM can only archive data up to 30 days, but it is not long-time trending software. Netscout makes Cisco’s RTM and they have a plug-in component called Capacity Planner which can do longer term reporting as well as billing. This is not sold by Cisco. On your third question, my SE didn’t think there were any changes planned. You might want to talk to yours and drive it if it’s important to you. Oh by the way, don’t run Compaq’s Insight Manager on the same machine as CW2K. They don’t get along.

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