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Cisco Works polls Bri interface!

we have the problem that our cisco works polls our backup bri interface at the remote side and so the interface gets up, every intervall time we set for polling. So the workaroung is to make an acl that the traffic from the cisco works server is not interessting. my question is, is there another solution for the problem?

regards Bernhard

New Member

Re: Cisco Works polls Bri interface!


without knowing which component of cw2k is polling the interface, it is hard to formulate a workaround.

e.g.if Campus Manager is polling it:

1. is that interface one of the seed IPs in ANI?

2. is that IP being used to be shown as CDP neighbor with the command:

cdp source-interface


if DFM is doing it (quite likely)

then you could be running into CSCdw23386 even if you unmanage the if

3. so you need to create a separate thresholds group and move this interface under that group, and disable all polling for the group, follow:

you can track down which component is polling it by correlating the polling frequency, or by shutting down individual components to see if that stops the polling:


to shut down DFM:

pdterm DfmServer

pdterm DfmBroker

(to restart it, :

pdexec DfmBroker

pdexec DfmServer )

hope this helps


Re: Cisco Works polls Bri interface!

Hi Omer

I have installed cw2k lms new with all the idus and patches. i have again the issue that the ANI Server Pings the IP addressse (saw in debugs) of the other router (bri interface) and the router on my site (where cw2k is) opens the isdn connection. what can i do? an accesslist that denies icmp from the cw2k server on this interface? or can i configure something in the cw2k.


cw2k ----------- rt1 ---------------- rt2

Ethernet Ethernet 192.168.0249

Bri (backup) Bri (backup)

Cw2K pings the and isdn gets up.

best regards Bernhard

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