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Cisco Works Small Network MS 1.0 - device limit?

What is exaclty limit of supported cisco devices ?

Documentation on are very missunderstuding


I'm still unsure about meaning of sentence:

Q. How many Cisco devices can CiscoWorks SNMS manage?

A. CiscoWorks SNMS can reasonably monitor hundreds of devices, but it is ideal for networks with 10 to 30 devices. However, it manages 20 Cisco devices only.

I need to be sure what is the exaclty and fixed limit.

Supposue that client have 26 or 36 devices. That he be able to support all of them ? Is RME will work for all of those device or just only for 20 of them ? maybe 30 ?

PS: platform size and hardware is not a problem here

supouse unlimited resources 8-))

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Re: Cisco Works Small Network MS 1.0 - device limit?


Cisco Works Small Network MS 1.0 contains CiscoView 5.3,Whats Up Gold 7 and Resource Manager Essentials 3.3.

Please note that in the Q&A, it mentions 'CiscoWorks SNMS can reasonably MONITOR hundreds of devices" and "it MANAGES 20 Cisco devices only. "

The device limit is specific to CISCO devices in Resource Manager Essentials. You cannot "manage" more than 20 CISCO device in Resource Manager Essentials ONLY and there is no limit to the number of devices "monitored" in Whats Up Gold, which can essentially "monitor" hundreds of devices.


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Re: Cisco Works Small Network MS 1.0 - device limit?

The target market for this product is, customers having 10 to 20 Servers and 20 Cisco devices (Routers, Switches etc.). CWSNMS has 3 components to monitor and manage network devices,

1.WhatsUp Gold, Provides auto-discovery, topology map, real-time monitoring and event notification. It can monitor any SNMP enable device and no hard coded limitation for number of devices.

2.CiscoView, Provides graphical device (element) management support for the Cisco family of networking products and again no hard coded device limitation

3. Cisco Resource Manager Essentials (RME), Provides full suite of lifecycle management for Cisco devices including inventory, configuration, software, Syslog and change management. The number of devices that can manage by RME in CSSNMS is limited to 20,irrespective of what ever the server capacity

Customers who have more than 20 Cisco devices could look for other bundled solutions like LMS and RWAN from CISCO.

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Re: Cisco Works Small Network MS 1.0 - device limit?

There is a fine difference here. The CiscoWorks Small NMS consists of :

- Whats UP Gold, an SNMP Manager

- CiscoView, an Element Manager

- Resource Manager Essentials, a full lifecycle management tool for Cisco devices

The restriction of 20 devices is based on the Resource Manager Essentials product. So you can get the inventory, config file management, change audit etc only for upto 20 Cisco devices.

So, if the customer has 26 Cisco devices he will be able to discover and montitor them using Whats Up Gold and also use CiscoView for element management. In the resource Manager Essentials, 20 devices will show up as managed devices and the remaining 6 will appear in the suspended mode.

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