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Ciscoworks 4th Edition One to Many model.

I am conducting some tests using CW2K 4th Edition to manage 2 physically separate networks that use the same IP Addressing scheme. Each network will connect to the CW2K environment across a VPN tunnel that will NAT the addresses as they come in. This is to test the feasability of the product in a one to many model.

The primary question will be can the product handle this? If so, How?

What are the recommendations for using CW2K in a One to Many Model? Or is it even an option to consider?

Any isight would be appreciated.


William Rhodes

Community Member

Re: Ciscoworks 4th Edition One to Many model.

I don't think you can do this. Like other management tools is CW2000 looking at address information in the IP header as well as in the SNMP payload. Your NAT only tranlates the first. This will confuse CW2000.

Your options are to find a translation gateway that also translates the payload or to have two CW2000 systems.


Re: Ciscoworks 4th Edition One to Many model.

I believe that you can't do this. First RME 3.3 does not handles devices across a NAT boundry. Only RME 3.4 has this new feature where it can handle devices accross NAT boundry. Ideally for managing two separate networks, you should be using two CW2K servers.

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