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CiscoWorks - Help

Hi All,

Is there a way to get CiscoWorks 2000 (or anything for that matter), to create a report of just the un-connected rj45 ports for a particular switch?, because I would like to have a report run every day for lets say a month. So that I can assume that if certain ports have remained dead for +- 1 month, I can go and remove the patch lead from the switch, otherwise there is no way to tell how many ports are really available on a switch.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance....

- Darran

New Member

Re: CiscoWorks - Help

I think you can. Just go into User Tracking. Then, discover the devices mac addresses for a particular switch ( post again if you need help with how to do that and I will answer). It will show you all ports that have a MAC on it (be sure to delete the old entries). Then, export into Excel and sort it - all the ports that are not there are the dead ones. As far as doing it every day..... i do not know about that - you would need a scripting routine to do that. Hope this helps

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