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CiscoWorks Installation fails with Error

Hi all

I'm facing a problem while trying to install Cisco LMS1.0 on a brand new COMPAQ/P4 machine.

The First setup CD itself fails with a error msg

saying "Cannot create the Install Dependency file"

and the Installation program aborts. It also

pops up Dr.Watson Exception application error for


I'm running NT4/SP5/IE5 on a P4 (1.5GHZ)/512MB Ram/

Any clue / help will be great use.



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Re: CiscoWorks Installation fails with Error

To install on a NT machine the minimum recommended servive pack is 6a. Try installing after installing the new service pack which can be dowmloaded from

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Re: CiscoWorks Installation fails with Error

Hi Senthil

The version of Cisco Works LMS 1.0 what I hv got

does not work with sp6 and requires only sp5.

I hv installed the same package in another

PIII/866MHZ PC in my office and is working fine. The

goal is to install and integrate Cworks with HP Openview. but I'm stuck in the basic Ciscoworks installation in this new P4/1.5GHZ PC.

Anyway thanx for ur feedback

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Re: CiscoWorks Installation fails with Error


I too have the same problem. CD One fails with

"E:\dependency\jre\bin\jrew_dep.exe" -cp "E:\dependency" DependencyHandler "C:\Program Files\CSCOpx\setup" c:\temp\_ISTMP1.DIR\_ISTMP0.DIR\setup c:\temp\_ISTMP1.DIR\_ISTMP0.DIR\


Cannot create the install dependency file.

Worked orginally on a much slower machine. This installation is now being done on a Dell/P4

with 2 * 2Gb processors (2Gb Memory, 2 * 34Gb Disks)

Any ideas apart from possible speed ?


Re: CiscoWorks Installation fails with Error


I have had problems when I tried to install LMS in another partition as partition C on my HDD. Also the size of the partition and the filesystem (only NTFS is allowed not FAT16)could cause any problems. Try again having a look at this parameters.


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Re: CiscoWorks Installation fails with Error


Many thanks but filesystem converted to NTFS.

Running other systems elsewhere with it on other than C and also

on very large disk (many gigs) without any problems.


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Re: CiscoWorks Installation fails with Error

Hi all,

For the above problem, I got an excellent response from Mr.Justin reeve from Hope this

helps resolve cisco works P4 installation problem.


Hi all,

I ended up logging a TAC case with Cisco. Basically in the release notes for CiscoWorks 4th Edition (CWLMS-2.0) it is stated that “Previous editions of CiscoWorks2000 will not support Pentium IV processors” which kind of explains the problems that we’ve all been having with the 3rd edition !

This problem is related to symcjit.dll being used. If that DLL is moved out of the dependency\jre\bin folder, the install will work. However, other JVMs using JIT compilation will fail. The overall workaround would be to disable JIT compilation globally which would severely handicap the application. The fix will be replacing the JIT DLL with one that works correctly on the Pentium IV.

CW2000 can be installed on P4 using the following workaround:

1. Before performing the install set environment variable JAVA_COMPILER=NONE into System Environment.

It must be in System Environment, not User in order for the product to work.

2. For each CD in the bundle, make a local copy on the hard drive, remove the file disk1\dependency\jre\bin\symcjit.dll, and run the setup.exe.

there will be messages complaining about symcjit.dll not found, simply ignore them.

This problem has been fixed for Coyote release. CDONE Fourth Edition installs successfully on P4. There will still be error messages reporting the Java failure during installation, when progress bar shows Configuring JRE2/Testing JIT. These messages can be ignored. When installing CD One on a machine that uses a Pentium 4, two errors occur with regards to a Java failure during installation when the progress bar shows Configuring JRE2/Testing JIT. These errors are harmless. Click OK through both errors to allow the installation to continue. N.B the Java error occurs in the foreground but the second error is hidden by the install screen when it hits 80%. ” Please note that with both fixes, the performance will be hampered.

In my experience its best to go for the upgrade to 4th edition, beware there are two upgrades. One with newer versions of all of the components & one with nGenius Real time monitor (the replacement for Traffic Director) the formers relatively inexpensive the latter isn’t !

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