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CiscoWorks LMS General Query


I am thinking of using CiscoWorks LMS (Cisco LMS 2.1 for WIN/SOL; CM, DFM, RME, RTM, CV (CWLMS-2.1-K9))

Can I please confirm that this product doesn't rely on the likes of HP Openview to visually show a LAN / WAN representation of a network.

What sort of NT Server spec is required for this product suite ?

I'm not clear on the demarcation between the LMS product and the Routed WAN Management suite ? (Routed WAN Management 1.2 for WIN/SOL; ACL, IPM, RME, CV (CWRW-1.2-K9))

For example if LMS gives me utilisation stats for WAN links then I would have no need for the much more in depth RWE suite.

I presume if a particular network consisted of several remote sites, then LMS would visually show all the Cisco kit for each site in a hub and spoke type display.

If anyone could advise me in this matter it would be much appreciated.



Re: CiscoWorks LMS General Query

CW2K comes in two bundles, LMS and RWAN. The code applications in the two bundles like RME, CD-One/CV are the same but the others are different. Each application has it's own functionality and depending upon your need you can go with that particular bundle. Campus Manager works similar to HPOV where it discovers the network and shows the topology map. CW2K can also be integrated with other third party NMS apps like HPOV, NetView etc. have links to all the applications and details which you may want to look at. As for the NT Server Spec you can look at or the Install Guides which describes in detail the hardware/software requirements.

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