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CiscoWorks LMS Installation (Windows)

I'm installing the entire suite of CiscoWorks 2.2 in this order:

Common Services

Device Fault Manager

NetScout nGenius

Resource Manager Essential

Campus Manager

I vaguely remember someone telling me one of those components needs to be installed on separate machine. Is that NetScout?

Secondly, is NetScout dependent on network access at installation? I'm installing off the net because my current CiscoWorks is still running and I plan to reuse the IP address. Documentation says "Install monitored devices as appropriate throughout your network." Why? Will the install run SNMP?

The documentation tells me NOT to install on same system as Cisco Traffic Director BUT is compatible with CiscoWorks2000. Is Traffic Director no longer a component of CW?

I'm skipping NetScout installation until I get an answer (no pressure). ;)

thanks in advance,



Re: CiscoWorks LMS Installation (Windows)

Traffic Director is End of Life, End of Sales and End of Support. nGenius RTM is the replacement application. Recommendation is to install RTM on a separate server as it has it's own separate database and no connection with the rest of the CW2K apps, other then the ability to import the devices from RME's via csv file.

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Re: CiscoWorks LMS Installation (Windows)

Thanks for the quick response.

Will the RTM be dependent on network connection at the time of install?


Re: CiscoWorks LMS Installation (Windows)

The box should be hooked up to the network with a static ip address assigned.

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