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CiscoWorks LMSv2.1 Device Manager Problem

I am getting an error while trying to download new packages using Device Manager. I currently have the nmidb version 1.0.053 packages. I am selecting CCO, unsupported devices. It goes out and finds that I do not have a package for the Cat3750, so it tries to download the new nmidb, v1.0.080. The zip filename is written to the repository, but the file length is zero bytes. The download eventually times out.

Any suggestions?


Re: CiscoWorks LMSv2.1 Device Manager Problem

Do you have the same problem if you update the device packages outside of Device Manager using:

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Re: CiscoWorks LMSv2.1 Device Manager Problem

Yes, I was able to update successfully outside of Device Manager.

Re: CiscoWorks LMSv2.1 Device Manager Problem


do not try to install nmidb on CiscoWorks Server (it will always fail). You only need this for Integration with OpenView Network NodeManger (NNM). The installation of nmidb through PSU will always fail. If you need the actual version for the integration with NNM it is ok to have it in your filesystem. While starting the integration with NNM you can change a path to point to the location where nmidb is.

so If you are updating packages through CCO always uncheck nmidb.



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Re: CiscoWorks LMSv2.1 Device Manager Problem

Problem resolved. Discovered it was because we are so heavily firewalled. The packages were downloaded from Cisco, but they were corrupt, even though they showed the correct file size. I downloaded the packages from a machine with full Internet access, then transfered them to the CiscoWorks server, and did the update using local access. Worked fine.

Thanks for the feedback.

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