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New Member

CiscoWorks report for inactive ports

I am trying to gather some rather specific information about our network.

What I am after is a command or report that can tell me how long a port on a switch has been inactive.

In our network environment it's quite possible that some ports may be inactive for days at a time, but I'm certain that there are ports that have been inactive long enough to consider them unused so I can use the port for users needing connections.

Aside from manually going to 500+ user switches and tracing each port back to the connection in each office to determine if the port needs to be kept active or not, is there a custom report I can make in CiscoWorks to tell me which ports have been inactive for X number of days?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Re: CiscoWorks report for inactive ports

From Campus Manager's Topology View->Layer 2 View, you can select a Switch and right click to select Port Attributes. This will show you the user ports, and from View->Unused Ports, you can see the unused ports as well.

New Member

Re: CiscoWorks report for inactive ports

This shows me the same thing as typing "show interfaces status | include not". It simply shows me what ports are inactive at that given moment.

What I'm trying to find out is *how long* a port (or range of ports) has been inactive.


Re: CiscoWorks report for inactive ports

I am watching this conversation, as I am too interested in a solution. Insofar a mild solution, I have created a scheduled "show command" job at regular intervals for ports non-connected. And then by manually manipilating these report into MSExcel I can determine specific ports have a historic track record of inactivity. But like I said, its tedious and not the ultimate solution.



Re: CiscoWorks report for inactive ports

I use AdventNet MIB browser and 42 days of no activity before assigning the port to someone else.

The show ver command shows the total uptime,AdventNet will show how many days after bootup the port went down , then sort to find all the down ports,subtract 42 from the uptime to give the ports which have been inactive for at least 42 days . I have and word doc with screen dumps which show it really well but is too large (8.5MegB) to attach here so email me if you want a copy .


Re: CiscoWorks report for inactive ports

Here is a script I use to do this. It works on Unix boxes with Perl installed or on Windows systems with perl.

I take the output of a "netconfig" or "netshow" job that simply does a "show int" on all switches. I tend to use netconfig because I find it easier. Make sure you have it work in enable mode, not config mode though.

Alternatively you could write some kind of other script that telnets out and does this too if you don't have Ciscoworks.

It takes one argument, the filename that you have this output in. It has one variable you can modify "numberofweeks" which you set to the minimum # of weeks the port should be open to be considered "open". You don't want to set this too high or you miss alot of ports. Too low you get too many.

Its not that pretty of a script, but it saves us alot of time and opens alot of ports...