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CiscoWorks RME and Syslog

Syslog is enabled on a number of ciso routers to send back to an NMS Station (Solaris) running Ciscoworks RME 3.3. There is a file under /var/adm/ called syslog_info.

1. Do all syslog messages get logged into this file?

2. It seems as though not all syslog messages are appearing in this file eg. cold starts and reloads. Looking at my snmp traps file there appears to be more cold starts then appears in this syslog_info file. Why is this?

3. If so, does CiscoWorks RME syslog use this file and how?

4. Does Ciscoworks support Generic SNMP Devices like Nortel and will the Syslog Analysis pick these up and perform reports on them?

5.In RME theres is a Reloads report, where does Ciscoworks get this information from eg.power-on,reload,etc.? This too does not match the syslog_info file.

Thanks for any help



Re: CiscoWorks RME and Syslog

Initially all the syslog messages are stored in the syslog_info file. After which all of these are populated in the RME database. If not all the messages are appearing in that file, then there could be some configuration errors. Please check the following document for more details.

Resource Manager Essentials and Syslog Analysis: How-To

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