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CiscoWorks RME and vlan database

How does CiscoWorks handle backing up the vlan database? From what I understand it just backs up the configuration file so if the switch needed to be replaced how would I get a copy of the vlan database? I've typically worked with managed router solutions and don't have much experience in the switch side of things.


Re: CiscoWorks RME and vlan database

This feature is only available in RME 3.5,in which RME creates a version of VLAN configuration file (vlan.dat). RME creates this VLAN configuration file for each version of the running configuration file of a device. The running configuration file and the VLAN configuration file (vlan.dat) are archived in pairs.

- Transport protocols used to download VLAN configuration are Telnet and SSH only.

- The Configuration Purge process will also purge the vlan.dat files. The policy configured for archiving configurations will apply to VLAN configurations.

- The vlan.dat file will not be fetched after the download of commands onto the device for Config Editor or NetConfig jobs involving devices that support VLAN configuration.

VLAN configuration (vlan.dat) will be supported based on these assumptions:

- You will not change the name for the VLAN config on the device. The default name is vlan.dat.

- Config Archive reads the vlan.dat file from the default location (flash in cases of 2900 and 3500 series devices, and const_nvram in case of 6000 series routers).

- Config Archive will fetch the vlan.dat file from devices that are both in the VTP server and in the transparent VTP mode. (Devices in VTP client mode use VLAN information on servers for synchronization. Devices in VTP transparent mode serve as pass through for VLAN changes received from server).

- Config Archive will not poll or check for changes to the VLAN config on the device. Therefore, if a change occurs only to the vlan.dat and not to the running config, that vlan.dat will not be saved.

- vlan.dat file will not be stored in the shadow directory.

- You have to reboot the device after downloading the VLAN config. Only after you reboot the device, will the VLAN config take effect.

- When a running config and a VLAN config are fetched, if there is no change between the archived running config and the fetched running config, the newly fetched vlan.dat will replace the latest version of vlan.dat in the archive. VLAN config is overwritten only when the latest running config has VLAN config. Otherwise, it creates a new vlan.dat.

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