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CiscoWorks2000 CD One 4th edition


I've just upgraded our NMS to CW2000 4th Ed but I now don't have access to Campus manager. I'm seeing conflicting information on CCO, some pages seem to imply Campus 3.1 is included and some talk about it as if it's a seperate product.

Can anyone clear this up for me please?

If Campus manager is a seperate product anyone know the part number?

The NMS is

NT4 SP6a

PIII 800

384 Meg RAM

50 Gig spare disk space.

I get no errors during install, I'm selecting the custom install but Campus manager isn't listed.

Thanks in advance.


Re: CiscoWorks2000 CD One 4th edition

CW2000 is a bundle of applications and comes in two flavors. RWAN and LMS bundle. The RWAN bundle contains ACL 1.4, IPM 2.4, RME 3.4, CD One 4th Edition includes CV 5.3 and May 2002, whereas LMS bundle contains Camous Manager 3.2, DFM 1.2, RME 3.4, RTM 1.4, CD One 5th Edition with CV 5.4. Campus Manager is a separate application and you will only see if once you install after install CD-One. Just installing CD-One will not give you Campus Manager and it only comes with the LMS bundle. So, if you have the RWAN bundle, you will not have this CD with you. You can refer to: for more details including part#

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Re: CiscoWorks2000 CD One 4th edition

Many thanks I'll take a look now.

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