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Ciscoworks2000 device down paging issue

Does anyone know how to configure ciscoworks2000 to page me if a device goes down/unreachable. I have ciscoworks setup to page PRI 1+2+3 alarms, however cannot figure out how to make it page when a device is not reachable. Ciscoworks can run reports etc for unreachable devices realtime when looking at a logged in session.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Ciscoworks2000 device down paging issue

If DFM installed with CW2K, then it can be setup to send out paging alerts etc:

OR you can use the RME's Syslog Automated Action which can be used to add/modify CLI instructions to be executed automatically whenever a specific message type is received.

Community Member

Re: Ciscoworks2000 device down paging issue

thanks so much. I still do not know how to make cisco works send notification for devices that are unreachable.

Atleast this is one basic function that should have been made very easy to configure. My exact problem is ths:

If a device is reachable, I have no problems with traps, communcations or device errors such duplex or spantree. However if a device goes offline, CW will not alert me any way or form whatsoever.

thanks once again awaiting your response.

Anuj Naidu


Re: Ciscoworks2000 device down paging issue

DFM is the proper application for Fault Management. Refer to the DFM docs for the config/setup details.

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