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CiscoWorks2000, HPOV NNM & ACS2.6

I have CiscoWorks2000 LMS1.0 and HP Openview 6.1 running on NT4.0 Server w/ SP5. I just purchased Cisco Secure ACS 2.6 and was wondering if I should install it on the same server or install it on a different server dedicated to ACS? Or...should I have 3 different servers as I have 3 different pieces of software?

I don't have a large network (130*Cisco 3500XLs, 4*Cisco 4912Gs, 1*Cisco 6009, and 5 Cisco 2600s).

I want to use ACS for AAA on my switches and also for AAA on VPNs terminating on a Cisco PIX515 that will replace my current firewall in about 6 months.

All opinions and suggestions are welcome.



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Re: CiscoWorks2000, HPOV NNM & ACS2.6

Hi Bruno,

I would run O/V on a NT server by itself, as it is a pig when it's on an NT server. The ACS is not very resource intensive, so put it virtually anywhere. One thing though, get the latest SP6 loaded as soon as you can on your boxes, and remember to reload SP6 whenever you load new apps.

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Re: CiscoWorks2000, HPOV NNM & ACS2.6

To look at it in an other way. Which application is the most important ? Must be up and running24x7x365 !

That application should be in a own machine.So a failure or performance issue doens't stop it from delivering the functionality you want.

I would have put ACS on an own hardware because of the VPN's that must be upp an running. HP OV and CW2000 could share the same hardware because if there are a failure with them. They doesn't interfere with the network functionality.


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Re: CiscoWorks2000, HPOV NNM & ACS2.6

Thankyou both for your replies. I think I will definitely put ACS on it's own machine because I regularily reboot my CiscoWorks2000/NNM machine. Someone else mentioned to me that the ACS documentation says not to install it on the same machine as CiscoWorks2000. I'll finish reading the documentation for confirmation.

My current network management station is a dual Intel P3, 600MHz w/ 800MB RAM. CW2000 and NNM are running on a 13GB partition w/ 9GB free space. I can't upgrade to SP6 or Win2K until I buy LMS 2.0.

thanks again.

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Re: CiscoWorks2000, HPOV NNM & ACS2.6

I would definitely put CW2000 and NNM on separate servers. Real life recommendations for LMS 2.0 is to even split LMS or two servers and especially to keep DFM and RTM apart. The both listen to port 162 by default (like NNM) unless you configure them otherwise.

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