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Classic v. dCEF linecards - comparing packet throughput

I need to compare potential throughput of the following linecards with a Sup2:-

6148-GE-TX / 6548-GE-TX / 6516-GE-TX

As I understand it :-

6148-GE-TX - A classic module with a single connection to the standard 32Gbps shared backplane. It can participate in the system-wide maximum of 15Mpps shared across the standard backplane.

6516-GE-TX - Only with the addition of an SFM2 does it benefit from a dedicated 8Gbps connection to the switch fabric aswell as a standard connection to the 32Gbps bus. With the additional DFC daughterboard it increases throughput to a maximum of 30Mpps on the single module (or >100Mpps for the chassis). There is no contention / oversubscription on any of the ports.

6548-GE-TX - as per the 6548-GE-TX, but there is contention / oversubscription of 8:1 on all ports.

So, how can I calculate the potential throughput of these cards in a number of configurations - ie in a chassis with / without SFm & also whether the cards have the on-board DFC's ?

A white-paper on how these figures are calculated would be great.




Re: Classic v. dCEF linecards - comparing packet throughput

I have not come across any white paper for your question. One way that you could measure performance is to use some kind of application or a traffic generator to generate traffic for various conditions and measure the throughput. This might give you some idea about the performance from an end-user point of view.You can also check whether there is any information available on the web regarding benchmarking of these products.

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