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combine Flash memory to load an ios

I have the following problem with one of our routers. I have recentlu upgraded a router by adding another flash module (8Mb + 8Mb =16Mb Flash) in order to upgrade IOS.

Now the system has recognised the Flashed and can be listed as flash:1: and flash:2:

I have erased the flash memories using erase flash:1 and flash:2

Now I am trying to copy tftp image to flash.

It get's to a point after defining the name that system ask me to confirm eraseing flash at slot:0: !!! ?? I have no memory at slot 0!! Any ideas why?

How do I define to the system to combine flash memories?



Re: combine Flash memory to load an ios

Have you checked the config file to see it it has the following line:

partition flash 2 8 8

this instrucsts the router to set up two flash partitions of 8Mb each.

If this line exists just do a

no partition flash 2 8 8

then reformat the flash.

hope that helps.

Community Member

Re: combine Flash memory to load an ios

yes you are right I used the command

router(config)# partition flash 1

and it fixed my problem.. thanks.

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