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communication problem between cisco and 3com


We have few customer LAN running on 3Com switches connected to

Cisco routers.

We have experienced the problem that either the 3Com or the Cisco

box restarts then the users from the other side could not ping to the servers

behind these connections.

The solution: I log into the Cisco switch (after power on) and ping to servers 1 by one then the connections comes up.

please advice any information to solve this problem



Re: communication problem between cisco and 3com

Although I cannot be 100% certain from your description, it looks like the switches have the uplink feature activated. This means all broadcast traffic is not flooded, but sent to the uplink port. Therefore, ARP will not work properly. The switch will have to learn a mac-address first before you can communicate properly. Switch it off.

New Member

Re: communication problem between cisco and 3com

I dont have uplink feature running. I will explain the problem again.

I have 3com switches connected (ethernet) to Cisco router.

All the servers are connected to the 3com switches

If I restart the router then users (sitting on the other side )cannot reach the servers

Even I could not ping from the other side of the router (via the WAN link)

solution: I logged into the router that connects to the 3 com switch and ping to

the servers one by one. Then the connection comes up.

.!!!! (like this) . Yes it looks like the ARP request

but what should I do to solve this? hope this time its much clear:-)

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