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Compatibility between Motorola 320 and Cisco 3660 (ISDN)

Does anyone know if it is possible to setup a PPP link between a Motorola Vanguard 320 and a Cisco 3660, with an ISDN backup line? I am especially having problems with the Motorola.

Cisco Employee

Re: Compatibility between Motorola 320 and Cisco 3660 (ISDN)

YES..It is possible to connect 3660 along with Motorola Vanguard 320 over ISDN line..let us know what exactly problem you have..following debug from 3660 side will help to determine the issue

debug dialer

debug isdn q931

debug ppp authentication

debug ppp nego

term mon


New Member

Re: Compatibility between Motorola 320 and Cisco 3660 (ISDN)

Hi Tejal, Thanks for your response. What I am trying to do is have a serial connection (PPP) between the 320 and the 3660. If this link fails then the 320 should initiate a call to the 3660. There is a limitation on the 320 whereby it cannot monitor a PPP port (only frame relay or X.25) so I want to do it the other way around and have the cisco call the motorola. Do you know if this is possible? I have heard that it is not and has something to do with 320's backup protocol using a SVC instead of a PVC. Do you perhaps know anything about this? Are you able to help me at all with the config on the Motorola side?

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