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config net

Is there a difference in the way an acl is handled when doing a config net versus applying the ACL line by line . With a config net is the whole acl downloaded before it is actually applied or is it handled the same way as a cut and paste of the acl . thanks..


Re: config net

I believe its the same !


Re: config net

I disagree. With config net (or, in current usage, copy {tftp|rcp|ftp} running-config), the file will be downloaded to the router, and then the command lines in the file will then be compiled and added to the running config. If the lines are copied and sent to the router in the config term mode, each line will be added to running config, and start taking effect on the router's operation, immediately and individually.



Re: config net

Can any CCIE's verify , we got our into trouble yesterday using ciscoworks to modify a acl and it got us locked out of some boxes on our network , the thing is some boxes did get the whole acl without a problem . I realize that ciscoworks generally uses telnet and then a cut and paste type where it applies the list and this has the potential to lock yourself out but I am wondering why some boxes got the acl implemented corectly , single wan attached routers where the acl was applied to the wan interface and then others failed . Is it a matter of how busy the box was when this was implemented . I had tried 2 or 3 boxes and those got implemented correctly . Does a config net send the whole acl and put that into memory before implementing it or is it just that config net is a lot faster and gets the change done before any adverse effects happen . thanks for any input.

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