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Config options on 6416 module in Catalyst 6506

I'm having a problem with slow file copies. This is the situation.

I have a W2K server with 2 Gb cards (compaq NC6136 and NC7770), They are teamed and both connect to a Catalyst 6506. The fibre card(NC6136) connects to a 6416 module and the copper connects to a 6248 module (100/Full).

The NT4 server connects to the same 6248 module at 100/Full.

Now, with the team configured to use the copper card as the primary adapter the file copy speed is as expected. Using the fibre card as the primary it is about 1000 times slower.

If I connect the copper card (as primary adapter) to the 6416 module and connect at 1000/Full I get the same slow response as the fibre cardcted to this module.

From this I'd say i've missed something in the config of the 6416 module but I don't know what. Below is the config specific to this module. Can anyone help me out?

#module 3 : 16-port 1000BaseX Ethernet

set port trap 3/1-16 enable

set port name 3/4 Level4

set port flowcontrol 3/1-16 receive desired

set udld enable 3/16

set trunk 3/4 off negotiate 1-1005,1025-4094

set spantree portfast 3/1-16 disable

set spantree guard none 3/1-16

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Re: Config options on 6416 module in Catalyst 6506

What do you mean by teamed? Do you mean you are bundling the ports together or setting it up for active/backup config. If the latter, I'd say upgrade the NIC to the latest driver. Or, try enabling flow control for Tx/Rx on the port.

set port flow mod/port send on

set port flow mod/port receive on

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