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configuration Cisco 4006

i have a core with two 6509 (VTP Domaine and Vlan are configure)and want to connect a new building with 4006, what is the proces to plug a new switch on a active environment? i am thinking about the severity/ revision number, when a switch join a domaine. cann you give me the procedure to follow without changing the active config ?



Re: configuration Cisco 4006

Just "set VTP domain name1" on the new switch and then "set VTP domain your_domain" where your_domain is the name of your VTP current domain. After that you can check VTP configuration by "sh VTP domain" and you'll see config revision number = 0 on the new switch. You can connect it to the network with no problem.

Regarding severity you can "set VTP passw ...".



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Re: configuration Cisco 4006

thanks milan,

let me give you a details about my customer:

VTP Domain ist configure, Spanning tree no configure


2 cat 6509 Redundant interconnect via 2 Gigabit VLAN Trunking. etage(35xx) direct connect to core. anny etage is a VLAN to core.

Building 1:

cat 6509 connect to the core via Gigabit VLAN routing. etage direct connect to this distribution switch, anny etage represent a VLAN.

2 new buildings:

a)cat 4006 (distribution layer) muss be connect to core.etage (35xx) like access

b) cat 4006 (Access layer) muss be direct connect to core

how do i process it ? what about the VTP mode operation ? may i left this standard (server mode) for all switch ? it is nessessary to configure Spanning tree ?

thanks for help

Re: configuration Cisco 4006


I'm afraid not to be able to give you a detailed advice without knowing your topology (it would require a topology scheme and maybe config listing).

But generally:

You can leave all your switches in VTP server mode if you want. Just be very careful of the VTP config revision number. If you connect a new switch with higher revision number to the network (to the VTP domain, to be correct) it will change the VTP domain configuration according to the content of it's VTP database -EVEN if the new switch is in CLIENT mode!!!

Regarding Spanning Tree: I don't recommend to switch STP off. You can do it in very simple topology if you are ABSOLUTELY sure there are no loops in the network.

Best regards,


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