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configuration of 2511 as a terminal server in lab conditions


I have a lab with 1 2511 and 4 2501 and 1 2514.

I would like some confguration tips and examples for the following scenario:

The 2511 wil act a terminal server for reverse telnet access on the 4 2501 routers.

Since we are talking about laboratory conditions I would like to know how to configure the 2514 as a gateway router for the 2511 in order to have the workstations that belong to the same network of 2514 able to reverse telnet through the 2511.

Another issue is that i want to configure the 2511 to use a back-up modem connected to the aux port for restoring reverse telnet in case something goes wrong with the gateway router.

Is it possible to connect two modems together to simulate a call with out the need of PBX?(imagine that for the back-up issue i'm thinking of using a workstation with a modem connected to it and if it is possible connect this modem with an rj-11 cable to the line in of the modem that will be connected to aux port of the 2511 access server.)

Thank you in advance


Cisco Employee

Re: configuration of 2511 as a terminal server in lab conditions

Here is the sample config for 2511 as a terminal server.

Now you can connect two routers back to back over the AUX ports without using a modems or pbx in between. That will be useful too in your case. Here is the sample config for that too.

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