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Configuration of GBIC on 2950 and 3560 switches

Can someone please advise how to configure a "GBIC T Base Port" on a 2950 switch. I have 2 off and would like to load share and provide redundacy. All documentation that I am aware of does not indicae that they support etherchannel configuration.


Re: Configuration of GBIC on 2950 and 3560 switches

Step 1

configure terminal

Enter global configuration mode.

Step 2

interface interface-id

Specify a physical interface to configure, and enter interface configuration mode.

Valid interfaces include physical interfaces.

Up to eight interfaces of the same type and speed can be configured for the same group.

Step 3

switchport mode {access | trunk}

switchport access vlan vlan-id

Assign all interfaces as static-access ports in the same VLAN, or configure them as trunks.

If you configure the interface as a static-access port, assign it to only one VLAN. The range is 1 to 4094.

Step 4

channel-group channel-group-number mode

{{auto [non-silent] | desirable [non-silent] | on} | {active | passive}}

For more detail see Etherchannel configuration Guide:

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Re: Configuration of GBIC on 2950 and 3560 switches

Thank you for you input. The issue that I have is documentation that suggests that GBIC connections cannot be used in an etherchannel group.

Can you please advise.

Re: Configuration of GBIC on 2950 and 3560 switches

I must be missing this limitation somowhere, do you have th elink where you saw this documentation stating that you cannot channel a GBIC port?

As far as I can find the following might be what you are referring to:

Note Do not configure a GigaStack GBIC port as part of an EtherChannel.

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