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Configuration steps of NP-CE1B in Cisco4500 router..

Hi ,

I would like to know the step by step configuration of NP-CE1B in Cisco 4500 router. I tried in Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

The equipments what I have are Cisco4500 router with NP-CE1B module, where the channelized E1 is terminated, and is kept at the central location. Now I want to take 256kbps to one location and 128kbps to another location. At location one, what I have is four 64kbps lines terminated in four serial port of Cisco4500. And at second location I have two 64kbps lines terminated in the serial ports of Cisco 4500.

My requirement is, I want to configure time slots 1,2,3and 4 as group0 for location one and time slot 5,6 for location 2.

Router(config-controller)# channel-group 0 timeslots 1-4

Is the above step is correct???

Also I want to assign IP address for the above logical interface

How can I do that...

Is it possible for to treat this logical interface like a Serial intercae.

How can I do the ip routing to this logical interface??


Re: Configuration steps of NP-CE1B in Cisco4500 router..

The following link has the information on configuring the NP-CE1B module

Configuring the CE1/PRI Interface

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