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Configure 4506 for eigrp & vlan

Current implementation.

Pix515(DGw->C3640)--->Hub--->C3640 NYC(eigrp)---4T1's---->3745(NJ)

New Implementation


Hello,I am trying to implement 2x 2811's--->4506/w supiv-->Pix515.Each 2811 have 2 private T1's going to a co-loco data center running eigrp. I want to configure 4506 do eigrp routing and allocate 2 ports on the 4506 for the routers. I am confused as to the configuration on ports on 4506 for the routers, should the ports be configured as layer 3 interface with no ip address. Also what should be the configuration of the ports for the pix outside/failover interfaces? Should I configure a vlan for the pix outside/failover interfaces and the default route would be vlan IP? TIA Raj

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Re: Configure 4506 for eigrp & vlan

port on the 4506 can be configured as layer 3 interface , and you can use interface vlan

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Re: Configure 4506 for eigrp & vlan

Hello Raj

WIth regards to the Pix515, if i understand your set-up, you can configure default route (primary path) in the pix and secondary route would be a floating static. This case if you want to have a fail-over/back-up route.

Ex. ip route x.x.x.1 (primary)

ip route x.x.x.x 250 (secondary)



(my apology for this. It's not working for pix since don't have two physical interface... sorry)

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