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Configuring 7200 Series Router to Interface ATM and Gigabit

At my company, we use ATM to the desktop using ATM LANE via a Centillion 1600 ATM switch. We still have a large amount of machines that are stretching the bandwidth limitations and so we are planning to switch about half of our stations over to Gigabit. We have a 7200 series router with an ATM Port Adapter, and a Gigabit adapter to interface the two/

We have been able to get the gigabit side of things to work fine in our test lab, but none of our in house team knows alot about configuring routers, and so we are unable to get the two sides to talk to each other. We dont need to route to the outside world, it will just be used to allow the gigabit stations to connect back in to the ATM network, so it just needs to be a barebones configuration.

Any help would be welcome.


John Cooke

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Re: Configuring 7200 Series Router to Interface ATM and Gigabit

You just need to set the 7200 ATM interface up as a LANE LEC on the same ELAN as your servers and route between the Gigbit and the ATM, below is a simple example of a router LANE config:


interface ATM0

no ip address

atm pvc 1 0 5 qsaal

atm pvc 2 0 16 ilmi

lane config auto-config-atm-address


interface ATM0.1 multipoint

ip address

no ip redirects

lane client ethernet


The URL below also has several config examples:

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