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Configuring an Internet Only VLAN

Hi I am looking to create an Internet Only VLAN for my network. While on this VLAN the client should only be able to DHCP, Query DNS and surf the Internet. I have the VLAN created, and the client is able to DHCP/Query DNS. I have 2 4507 switches connected with one connected to a firewall. What should be my next steps?

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Re: Configuring an Internet Only VLAN


I assume the Internet connection is going through the firewall ? You could either create an access list on the VLAN interface, allowing only relevant Internet traffic to pass, or create a rule on the firewall, allowing only the Internet traffic to get through to the IP address space of the Internet VLAN.

Let me know if you need help with configuring this...



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Re: Configuring an Internet Only VLAN

i would imagine someone with experience in pvlan would help out more than i will offer, but if you have a firewall that understands vlan or a firewall with an extra port then create a vlan with no routable vlan interface (just layer2) then make the gateway address be your firewall..

This should you out best

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Re: Configuring an Internet Only VLAN

It does go through a firewall. I think I will have to go with an access list for the vlan. I don't want this vlan talking to the rest of the network, only going to the internet. I will play with an access list to see if I can get it working properly.

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