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configuring AS5300 to pull running-config from tftp

is it possible to have the as5300 pull its running-config from tftp automatically (upon boot, or reload).

what I need is to be able to just drop a config file into the tftp xfer folder and then simply reboot the as5300 and have it automatically pull the running-config from tftp.

reason: we are disaster recovery center and each client comes in to test - using their own custom configs for as5300. we have all of them stored and usually load the configs manually prior to client arrival. we are now automating this process - a front-end is being written to select and then move the desired config into the tftp xfer folder - but I'm having some trouble figuring out the config on the as5300 to automatically pull its running-config from the tftp server. it will obviously need to clear any previous running-config ...

this needs to be able to happen with almost no admin intervention - aside from rebooting the as5300, or similar (this is for reasons of simplicity - in case one of us is not here, any of the non-tech staff could come in and set it up for the client, etc.)

thanks for the help!



Re: configuring AS5300 to pull running-config from tftp

From a NMS point of view, if you want to do the automated config backup/archiving, you can look into using RME, part of CW2000

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